Week 19 Overview

This past week has been the least planned of all of them. That’s kind of how life goes the week before you leave for vacation and I’m not going to apologize for it. Everything piled up at the last minute and I found myself eating a little takeout and a lot of things on rice or toast. The “plan” you will see below is not an exciting one or one that I am following enough to keep it out of quotation marks. But at this point in the season, I have come to look at these overviews as a documentary project about what Lauren grows and what an average person cooks as much as I have viewed it as a cook-along up until now. I have big ideas about printing out a little book of the photos and cooking plans at the end of the year so that one day it can be a piece of history and not another piece of important information lost to the depths of the Internet.


In the basket:
slicer tomato
red potato
summer squash
sweet potato greens

turnip greens

The “Plan”
1. One large skillet, full of halved eggplants and okra, chickpeas and shichimi togarashi, serve over rice with spoonfuls of tahini and a squeeze of lemon
2. Tonight! Squash, potato and red onion hash with salsa and dollops of Greek yogurt
3. Turnip and sweet potato greens braised with shallots and beef bacon over rice
4. Toast with vegan cream cheese, sliced tomatoes and sprouts
5. Salad with leftover BBQ brisket and leftover roasted vegetables- mostly squash and okra