Week 14 Overview

I’m making some of my Summertime favorites this week, inspired by my family and a few of my favorite restaurants. There’s a little challenge for you at the end- “en papillote.” Watch the video about it and I think you’ll find it pretty simple. My Mom does not find it simple, so she lines brown paper bags with wax paper instead. I find this more time consuming, but do what works for you!


In the basket:
2 pints of cherry tomatoes!
Orach (mountain spinach)

The Plan:
1. Last night I slow roasted one pint of cherry tomatoes in plenty of olive oil with lemon thyme and garlic, then ate them over cheesy grits with the orach chopped and braised down into some leftover bacon-y greens from last week.
1.5 I reserved the oil and a couple garlic cloves from the tomato bake to use as a sauce with some ricotta gnocchi tonight.
2. There’s this eggplant dish from Ginger Thai I love so much- it’s a pretty simple stir fry with a couple other vegetables, a little sweet, a little stinky, spicy if you like, and finished with plenty of fragrant basil. I believe this recipe will get me pretty close!
3. From the author of savory tomato clafoutis: KOREAN CORN GRILLED CHEESE.
4. Have you ever been to Chai Pani? Well, at Chai Pani they make matchstick okra fries and even if you don’t like okra, you will probably eat an entire mountain of them. All you do is slice okra in half lengthwise and shallow fry them in a skillet until they are very crispy. While they are hot, toss them with seasoning- you’ll want something a touch spicy and a touch sour. Think: chili lime salt or chaat masala. Eat them immediately with a squeeze of lime. A good weekend snack with a very cold beer or an excellent side dish next to a protein.
5. My mom makes this thing in the summer- spaghetti in a bag. Technically, you would call it “en papillote” and use parchment paper folded up as the bag. Sometimes it has fish on top and sometimes it doesn’t. You halve a pint of cherry tomatoes and let them sit with salt, very thinly sliced shallots, a little lemon zest and some kalamata olives until everything is nice and juicy. Toss very al dente spaghetti around in that. Place it in the “bag,” top with a pat of butter and a Tablespoon or so of dry white wine (and a small piece of seasoned fish, if using), then bake on a cookie sheet at 400 for 10-12 minutes.