Week 13 Overview

Another week without a proper photo. It’s been a weird week. And unproductive week. A week of practicing patience with myself because progress isn’t linear and mental health isn’t always in our control. But the good news is: making pasta by hand really calms my nerves, so I think we may be taking a dive into that together in the near future. Yesterday I made ricotta gnocchi and if I think I am going to try my hand at garganelli soon. Anyway, here’s my plan for week 13.


In the basket:
Malabar spinach
Hemp leaves
Purple potatoes
Summer squash
Purple Daikon radish sprouts
Cherry Tomatoes

The Plan:
1. I took two of the larger squash and chopped them finely to cook down in a meat sauce for pasta. I threw in the basil too. Half of it is already gone and I’m saving the other half for when I make garganelli!
2. The spinach, kale, and some of the hemp leaves are currently braising away with shallots and beef bacon in chicken stock. Part of that will go on some pizzas tonight. The rest I will probably save to eat over rice with an egg later in the week.
3. The smaller squash and a handful of hemp leaves will also go on a pizza!
4. Already ate the cherry tomatoes in a chimichurri roja panzanella with a couple cucumbers to cool it off.
5. Last summer I cooked an eggplant in my fire pit until it was falling apart and pureed it with some tahini. I think I’ll be eating something similar on toast with radish sprouts for breakfast in the coming days.
6. Like I said, I made ricotta gnocchi. And I’m going to experiment with a hemp leaf brown butter lemon sauce, the way you would use sage. But hemp. It might be great. It might taste like nothing. I will let you know.
7. I’m sorry I’ve said this so many weeks in a row, but I will be making more purple potato gnocchi. Gnocchi is the new savory clafoutis.