Week 17 Overview

Just as our winter squash is starting to fruit, the tomatoes gave one last push and put me not knee deep, not up to my eyeballs, but over my head in tomatoes. Lauren, my farmer, is in the same situation. We have two pints of sugary sweet sungolds and slicers in the CSA basket this week and well, I’m still not mad about it.


In the basket:
slicer tomatoes
cherry tomatoes
yard long beans
globe zucchini

Extras from my garden:
cherry tomatoes

The plan:
1. We had one pizza dough leftover from last week, so this morning we rolled it into flatbread and ate it with halved cherry tomatoes, scrambled eggs and salsa. You could do the same at home with tortillas! We have so many tomatoes this week I suspect we’ll be making this again.
2. At this very moment I am making a version of Tara O’Brady’s grilled tomatoes. Only mine are braising in the oven at 350 with the garlic and rosemary, a little fennel seed, salt, red pepper flakes- lemon and chickpeas will go in later. I’ll probably toss the finished product with rigatoni- and lots of it- so that I can eat it warm for dinner tonight and cold as pasta salad later.
3. Last night I stopped by TKO on my way home to grab szechuan cucumbers, xian bing, and sesame zucchini noodles. I tossed the cucumbers around with lettuce from my CSA share + olive oil and made rice in the rice cooker. A little bit of cheating, but no regrets!
4. Of all the ways I’ve prepared yard long beans this summer, my favorite has been marinated overnight in Tigerish Dressing and tossed with rice noodles and peanuts. Soak them in whatever kind of vinaigrette ya got though. If it’s caesar dressing, great! Who cares! Just let them sit overnight and then top them with shaved Parmesan and black pepper. I’m assuming they would be great marinated in Smitten Kitchen’s sesame sauce too.
5. I never made it around to making falafel last week, so I’m making a HUGE batch this week with chickpeas, roasted turnips and what’s left of the crunchy sprouts. I’ll probably freeze at least half of them and eat the other half with radish tzatziki.
6. Eivind is baking more bread this weekend and it’s got me thinking about an Italian dish- zucchine farcite alla ligure, which is essentially savory bread pudding baked inside a zucchini. All you do is mix pieces of old bread with an egg, a splash of milk, softened onions (and mushrooms if you like), plenty of herbs, a healthy amount of parmesan, then stuff it into a hollowed out squash and bake it for about 30 minutes at 400 degrees. Then again, I might make zucchini butter and freeze it in ice cube molds for winter.
7. I actually don’t have enough figs to make anything proper. I just wanted to brag about the fact that Eivind and I have successfully grown three whole, beautiful figs so far this Summer.