Week 16 Overview

It’s a tomato heavy week and I’m not mad about it.


In the basket:
slicer tomatoes
2 pints cherry tomatoes
crunchy sprouts
pink salt
salsa (saved for snacks or maybe something next week)

turnips (root only)
squash from last week

The plan:
1. Tonight we’re grilling out!: a flap steak and squash, quartered potatoes, whole eggplant and turnips with lemony herbed tahini cream.
2. I finally photographed the tomato paste pasta sauce we’ve been chatting about during Pantry Raid on Mondays. The recipe is coming soon and I added candy-sweet, slow-cooked cherry tomatoes. Lots of them.
3. I reserved the rest of the tomatoes and the cooking oil for a tomato and burrata pizza or two tomorrow night.
4. The slicers I’ve just been eating you know, sliced. With that pink salt, next to my morning toast spread with vegan cream cheese.
5. If you haven’t made the eggplant stir-fry from a couple weeks ago, please do! I can’t say enough things about it. I made a few tweaks to the sauce recipe and I’ll be making it again this week on the okra, some onion, bell pepper and leftover sliced steak over rice.
6. It’s been a while- like, way too long- since I’ve made falafel. If you’ll recall, you can make falafel out of crunchy sprouts, no soaking required! Thinking I’ll eat them over Greener Roots lettuce with pickled onions and tzatziki, per usual.