Week 15 Overview

All the kids are back in school and farms are beginning to harvest winter squash, but Summer is still decidedly here, giving us a bounty of corn, eggplants, zucchini and tomatoes.

This week was defined by flats and flats and flats of tomatoes. Before and I after I came to pick up my basket, Lauren was delivering them to restaurants all over town- Arnold’s, Nicoletto’s and Butcher & Bee to name a few. Our hour together each Wednesday has become the highlight of my week; we drink a beer, catch up, chat vegetables and watch CSA members’ kids play. I especially like weeks when she is driving her truck hand painted by Hannah Jones.


In the basket:
slicer tomatoes
cherry tomatoes

cantaloupe (won’t last long, no use in “meal planning” for it)
summer squash
yard long beans
Persian cucumbers

The Plan:
1. Savory dutch baby filled with sweet corn, cherry tomatoes, green onions and basil, topped with burrata and a drizzle of reduced balsamic vinegar. VERY excited about this one!!
2. Moroccan mint tea because it is 1,000 degrees here in Nashville
3. Yard long bean, cucumber and tomato salad tossed with rice noodles, Tigerish vinaigrette (become a Patron to access that recipe) - maybe topped with some salted peanuts
4. Nachos dressed with the salsa, pickled radishes, creamy black beans and roasted squash, possibly cotija cheese if mine hasn’t expired…
5. Pasta alla norma using the eggplant and some red sauce from my freezer
6. I looooved last week’s simple lunch of soft scrambled eggs with potatoes and crispy okra so much I think I’m going to make it again!