Little Octopus Potatoes

Little Octopus was my favorite kind of restaurant- innovative, consistent and not too serious.* We said goodbye to it a while back and I miss it very much-the friggin’ killer vegan caesar salad, avocado with sour orange and burned scallions, perfectly roasted chicken with bright herb salad and chocolate pots de creme. With all the potatoes in my CSA share lately, I decided to recreate one of my favorite dishes that was almost always on the menu: velvety fingerling potatoes tossed around with chimichurri roja and nearly burned broccolini.

A copycat recipe! Am I a real food blogger now, Internet?!

Probably not, seeing as the chef sent me the recipe for chimichurri roja and you know, my general lack of bubbles and cheer. But I did cut down the proportions for you and I did write slightly longer instructions than the original, “robot coupe it, ya dingus.” Naturally, I also added miso. You can use it to toss with potatoes (I like mine boiled, thanks) and any crispy vegetable, grilled or roasted. Lately: okra. I’ve enjoyed it on scrambled eggs, as a marinade for meat before or after grilling, and as an added kick in tomato panzanella, too.


Chimichurri Roja
-makes about a quart

1 medium white or sweet onion
6 medium cloves garlic, grated or one small head, roasted
1 cup red wine vinegar
2 1/2 Tablespoons paprika
leaves from one 2.5 ounce bag cilantro
1/2 the leaves from one 2.5 ounce bag parsley
2 teaspoons kosher salt
2 Tablespoons red miso
about 1/2 of a 3.5 ounce can chiles in adobo
at least one cup olive oil

1. Give the onion a little head start in the blender, then add everything else except for the olive oil. Stir it in gently by hand, starting with a cup and adding more to taste.
2. Please let it sit for at least an hour to mellow out before you email me saying the raw onion is caustic.

*See also: Margot, Peninsula, Butcher & Bee.