Salmon Cakes

I’ve been craving crab cakes lately. And king crab legs dipped in butter and lobster rolls and lox on an everything bagel. But I didn’t exactly come to start a podcast about cooking with kitchen scraps by being a millionaire, you know?

This is the recipe that will have to do for now. If you have crab meat, you can use it here! You can also use leftover cooked fish, canned tuna, smoked trout- just about anything that is flaky and delicious and not overly salty like anchovies. But you could throw in a couple anchovies or some chopped preserved lemon in place of the capers. True to the spirit of Pantry Raid, this is one flexible “recipe.”

I decided to use canned salmon- the kind from Trader Joe’s that comes with the bones and skin in it. I think it’s the best quality for the price. You’ll want to remove the skin and larger bones, but don’t worry about the smaller bones- they’re so small that they’ll dissolve when you cook them. Also, true story: Sheryl Crow told me they’re a good source of calcium when I styled this salmon croquette video for US Weekly! Anyway, you can use as much or a little fish in these as you like, but you’ll need at least 12 ounces meat total, which should run you about $7 at the most and feed 4 to 5 people.


Salmon Cakes
-makes about 15 small croquettes

1/2 batch basic mashed potatoes (recipe follows)
1/2 cup chopped green onions- the green and light green parts of 4 or 5
1 large egg
2T finely chopped capers
zest of one lemon (optional)
2 7.5 ounce cans wild caught salmon*
fine breadcrumbs for coating
oil for frying

Basic Mashed potatoes
1 lb medium sized yellow potatoes
1 lb full fat or 2% plain greek yogurt
2T melted butter
1t kosher salt

1. Put potatoes in a small pot and cover them with water. Add and big pinch of salt and set the heat to medium high. Boil until fork tender, 10-20 minutes depending on the size of your potatoes.
2. Peel off the potato skins, then push the potatoes through a ricer. Mix with salt, butter and yogurt. Add white pepper, grated raw garlic, or smashed roasted garlic if you like.
3. Mix half the finished mashed potatoes with green onions, egg, caper, lemon, salmon and 2T bread crumbs. Form 1/4 cup patties and cover them in more breadcrumbs. At this point you can place the patties flat on parchment paper and freeze them for later!
4. Pan fry patties in about 1/3” oil until golden brown. Serve immediately.