Week 12 Overview

This week I’m tired and I have a lot to do and all I want is comfort food- cheesy pasta and bacon and homemade bread and roast chicken. Hope you can get on board ;)

YES there were sprouts in my basket. I’m in no mood to deal with them this week. I gave them to my Mom who drove them two hours away from here.


In the basket:
cherry tomatoes
hemp leaves
kohlrabi + greens

extra: slicers and herbs from our garden, Persian cucumbers

The plan:
1. Dan Herget’s potatoes and charred okra in chimichurri roja (recipe coming soon), probably served with rotisserie chicken
2. Rosemary focaccia for a pretty chill wine/cheese board snack dinner this weekend
3. I’m going to try to make a riff on The Mission Chinese Food Cookbook Tiger Salad with hemp leaves using herbs from my garden, the Persian cucumbers, and a spicy, citrus-y, ginger-y shallot-y vinaigrette. If I’m being honest, I’ll eat it for lunch. If you’re making it for dinner I think it would be really nice with any kind of seafood- the original recipe is served with mussels over rice noodles.
4. Words can’t really describe how excited I am to put the cherry tomatoes, eggplant and squash into Claire Saffitz’s Cheesy Zucchini-Eggplant Bake and eat it over rigatoni.
5. Speaking of comfort: BACON. Stir-fried kohlrabi with its own leaves, garlic and bacon over rice.