Week 11 Overview

Here we are, just short of halfway through the Bloomsbury Farm CSA season and I might die of heat exhaustion soon, but it’s okay cause I’ll go out eating tomatoes, ya know?


In the basket:
cherry tomatoes
slicer tomatoes
yardlong beans
hemp leaves!
purple potatoes

extra: cute okras from Lauren and from our garden, slicer tomatoes (Early Girls!) from our garden

The plan:
1. Toasted millet risotto with roasted squash, shelled yardlong beans, pecorino and herbs
2. More purple potato gnocchi, get the recipe by becoming a patron
3. Hemp leaf pizza, also get all my pizza secrets by becoming a patron
4. Cuban style black beans with rice, cherry tomatoes, pickled red onions and crispy roasted okra (maybe raw okra salad later in the week, too. Here’s my gal Jess Benefield’s recipe: Slice fresh okra into very thin rounds, and season with shoyu dashi. Drizzle with some nice olive oil and finish with katsuobushi.)
5. Greek stuffed tomatoes- YEMISTA! MY YAYA’S RECIPE!
6. You guys, I really don’t know about the sprouts. I don’t know.