Week 10 overview

You guys…I didn’t photograph the week 10 basket because I brought it home and couldn’t wait a single second to start cooking the contents. So sorry for the photo of sad sunflowers, but nothing else was left by the time I remembered to document this week!


In the basket:
slicer tomatoes
cherry tomatoes
purple potatoes

extra from my/Carissa’s garden: slicer tomatoes, green peppers, squash, jalapeños

The plan:
1. Tomato pie + simple lettuce salad
2. Purple potato gnocchi with burst cherry tomatoes and basil
3. Grilled cheese with sprouts and whole grain mustard on Eivind’s barley porridge sourdough bread
4. Shaved squash salad + soft boiled eggs and Eivind’s barley porridge sourdough bread
5. Nachos with black beans, crema, pico de gallo, pickled jalapeños and cotija cheese
6. Leftover takeout vegetable korma reheated with as much squash and peppers will fit in the pot over rice