Semi-homemade pico de gallo

I know I’m always telling you that there’s not shame in composting food you didn’t get around to cooking. Allow me backtrack on that statement: there is MUCH SHAME in letting tomatoes sit around until they go bad. I don’t care how many tomatoes you have, you gotta eat them. No excuses.

However, should you find yourself with so many tomatoes that tomato mayo sandwiches are your main food group and you still have tomatoes to spare, make some pico de gallo. It will buy you an extra week with your tomatoes and you’ll go through it faster than you think.

All you need is:
a little store bought/restaurant leftover salsa or a couple dashes hot sauce such as Cholula*
splash of lemon or lime juice
pinch of salt

The ratio isn’t important. Aim for more slightly more tomatoes than onions and throw in whatever else you have like chopped chiles or cucumbers. Mix in green onions or cilantro before serving if you want.

* This is the semi-homemade part. When I said “semi-homemade with Sandra Lee style pico de gallo” last week, many of you assumed I was talking about a vodka bloody mary. You made me LOL, but I was talking about actual pico de gallo made with all the tiny sides of salsa I have leftover from frequenting the taco truck in my neighborhood.


Don’t feel like you can only eat it on chips!

Lately I’ve been using my pico de gallo on nachos with creamy black beans, yogurt, cotija cheese and pickled jalapeños- a summertime favorite on the porch alongside a very cold beer.

This weekend I made a quick salad from big pieces of heirloom tomatoes, mangos and pickled yellow raisins, then tossed it with pico de gallo, green onions and cotija cheese.