CSA week 5 overview

Week five here in TN is when we start getting into the extra, extra good stuff like squash and cucumbers, with the promise of tomatoes and okra soon to come.


In the basket:
hot sprouts
garlic chives
zephyr squash

The plan:
1. This delicious, delicious fish saucy cucumber salad with roast chicken thighs. You’ll want rice or a big hunk of bread to sop up the extra vinegar. Skip the chiles if you can’t find them or you don’t like spicy food. It will still turn out great.
2. I have a little bit of homemade mayo left from last week, so I’m going to make this creamy dressing from Sweet Paul Magazine and essentially make the same salad, but with kale instead of broccoli. Topped with Short Mountain Cultures black eyed pea tempeh.
3. I also have falafel batter leftover from last week, so I’m going to put them into VERY CUTE little radicchio cups with the hot sprouts and some radish tzatziki.
4. The leeks, squash and cabbage are all going into a huge stir fry with garlic and ginger, served over farro cooked in chicken stock from my freezer.
5. I want to be really honest with you: I didn’t store the garlic chives properly and they died and went to the compost pile.