Week 9 Overview

We have come to that magical point in summer where planning is not wholly necessary because the produce is so good you can eat it plain like candy, or sliced on a piece of bread like butter. Nevertheless, here are some ideas for you.


In the basket:
cherry tomatoes
slicer tomatoes
zephyr squash + zucchini
green beans
yellow potatoes

*Not gonna lie, I’ve been using my sprouts for something illegal. And I’m not going to tell you what. I will leave it up to your wild imaginations.

The plan:
1. Put all those slicers straight into your mouth on a piece of white bread with mayo! Or make a tomato pie (recipe coming soon!). I might do both, as I grabbed a couple extra.
2. Toasted oatmeal + zucchini muffins.
3. I think I might boil the potatoes and use them as a binder in some crab cakes. Crab cakes are such a good summer dinner alongside a very simple lettuce salad with lemon and olive oil. I’ll top mine with roasted okra from my garden and some charred corn my new friend Carissa gave me last week.
4. The beans we’ve been getting are an heirloom variety called dragon tongue beans. They’re white with purple dappling, but after cooking or pickling they turn kind of an unappetizing, pale, waxy color- which is why I’m going to try to make a raw salad with them for lunch one day. Something like this smashed cucumber salad.
5. You could use a couple of your cherry tomatoes in the pie or you COULD make another savory tomato clafoutis. If you haven’t made on yet- get on it!!