Week 8 Overview

This is not a drill: cherry tomatoes are here. It’s really summer now. We’re really sweating all the time and drinking ice tea from dawn until well after dusk. Slicers come next, so polish your mayo making skills.


In the basket:
cherry tomatoes
squash blossoms
globe squash
red potatoes
green beans

The plan:
1. Ben Mims’ savory clafoutis with cherry tomatoes and squash blossoms.
2. Ginger and rosemary iced tea
3. Dilly beans! (Probably destined for egg, tuna and chicken salads in weeks to come)
4. Pesto pasta salad with canned artichokes, blanched kale and possibly some castelvetrano olives
5. Skillet hash with zucchini, potatoes, onions and cheddar
6. Cucumber, sprout and herbed cream cheese sandwiches for breakfast