CSA week 7 overview

Week 7 of a CSA share is when the dread sets in. Even I thought, oh wow…more kale, when I saw my basket at pick up on Wednesday. You wonder, how many kale salads can I eat? How much pesto will fit in my fridge?

I can’t answer that for you, but I can break my “don’t cook kale unless it’s in a sauce” rule this week by making a kale, sausage and white bean soup using chicken stock and red sauce from my freezer. To be honest, half of the soup will probably go back in the freezer and end up at a new parents’ house for a meal delivery, but that’s okay!


In the basket:
1 head broccoli
red beets (greens were not in great condition, went to the compost)
1 small cabbage
crunchy sprouts

*I also have three zephyr squash plants that just started producing like crazy. So I will probably make more squash pickles because young, firm squash is pretty damn tasty quick pickled and I’ve been eating it on everything!

The plan:
1. Crispy broccoli and toasted garlic red sauce pizza!
2. Kale, sausage and white bean soup using the leeks and whatever red sauce is leftover from the pizza
3. White pizza with one shaved squash + all these things leftover from last week: leek oil, homemade ricotta, quick pickled squash
4. The cucumbers I’ll probably eat for breakfast on toast, as well as use in another beet salad with mole vinaigrette
5. Pan roasted salmon over greek yogurt mashed potatoes, served with squash tossed in Lady & Pup’s extra-browns browned butter + lemon
6. Caramelized cabbage and onion pasta, probably topped with some dill from my garden
7. You guys…I’m going to try to use the crunchy sprouts to make falafel and use the cilantro. I will let you know how it goes!!