CSA week 3 overview

I’m sorry to say I did some impulse shopping right before I picked up this week’s rather bountiful basket and now I’m worried there’s more food in my fridge than I can get through in a week- a challenge I gladly accept.

In the basket:
Lacinato kale
Carrots with greens
Radish with greens
Bok choy
Garlic Scapes

The plan:
1. There was only one bok choy and I stir fried it to eat over rice with kimchi and an egg for breakfast!
2. Creamed swiss chard with lemony breadcrumbs over grits (or polenta?)
3. Nachos! With quick pickled radishes and carrots.
4. More carrot top chimichurri (add a little mint!) and this time I’ll marinate a whole slab of sheep’s milk feta in it and crumble that generously over the lettuce with little bitty roasted yellow potatoes and dill.
5. One very wonderful glass of Moroccan mint tea (you don’t have to use the green tea and you can sub in honey for the sugar)
6. Picking up some Lillian Street Bread tomorrow and I’ll be dipping it in leftover carrot top chimichurri as well as eating it for breakfast topped with vegan cream cheese and sprouts.
7. Kale pesto, probably destined for the freezer
8. Garlic scape pizza- if you’d like the inside scoop about how I make pizza, consider joining the Patron page of my website where I share all my best tips and recipes. Click here to learn how.