CSA week 2 overview

A piece of advice regarding leafy things: plan to eat them in things other than salads. If not, you will get sick of salads so fast! This week I’m putting my whole head of lettuce into a pot of creamy soup and turning one head of kale into pasta sauce.


In the basket:
scarlet kale
lacinato kale
bok choy
carrots with greens
head lettuce
napa cabbage
alfalfa sprouts

The plan:
1. Lettuce Soup
2. Roasted carrots with carrot top chimichurri and yogurt
3. Napa Cabbage pancakes with green onions and kimchi
4. Maybe! Grilled napa cabbage wedge salad with homemade ranch and beef bacon
5. Joshua McFadden’s Kale-Sauce Pasta
6. Pan fried salmon with buttery bok choy and scarlet kale salad (thinking: toss it in leftover chimichurri, add the sprouts, dried cherries, pistachios, puffed rice cereal)