Not sad leftovers

If you’re going to make a raw shaved salad, might I recommend making extra so you’ll have enough to eat on a grain bowl at lunch the next day? The one I made this week is one bunch of breakfast radishes from my CSA, which I salted just like last time then mixed with one large, thinly sliced opal apple. To that I added a pinch of flaky salt, the juice of half a lime, a big handful cilantro leaves and the green/light green parts of three green onions.


And hot damn was it good over farro with wilted baby bok choy and pan seared salmon!

Since this is a “recipe blog” or “lifestyle website” or a “cooking guide” or something I guess I’ll give you some instructions for how to cook salmon because the alternative is just me taunting you with food you’re not eating.

You’ll need:
kosher salt
a non-stick pan
a spatula, preferably this one
a pat of butter
anything else you’d like to season your salmon with, such as a pinch of schichimi togarashi)

To make it you should:
Pat your salmon dry. Season the flesh side with your chosen spices. Sprinkle a pinch of kosher salt into a cold, non-stick pan. Put the fish skin side-down on the salt in the pan. Now, turn the heat to medium if you’re using electric and slightly below medium if you’re cooking with gas. Let the salmon sit there, undisturbed, until you can see from the side that it is cooked about half way up. Now, add the butter to the pan, flip the salmon over and cook briefly. A thin filet will take 30-40 seconds on the second side for a medium-ish cooked fillet. Serve immediately.