CSA week 23 Overview

After 23 weeks, I finally made it out to the farm in Smyrna to pick up my CSA basket, only I came too late in the day and my basket was already en route to Nashville. But because everyone at Bloomsbury Farm is the best, they packed me another basket and let me give input about what I wanted (yes fairytale eggplant, 1,000 times no to more sprouts). I never thought I’d say this, especially after how clingy I felt about tomatoes at the end of August, but wow, I am glad it’s not tomato season anymore. For a moment there I thought Summer would last all winter, the tomato plants would never die and I would melt! Too much of a good thing, geez.


In the basket:

bok choy
tat soi
en choy
sweet potatoes
turnips with their greens
a very cute lil hubbard squash

The plan:

1. Ever heard of a little recipe called steamed sweet potatoes with tahini butter? No? Well, prepare to get hooked. You’ll want to make them every time you get sweet potatoes. A steamer basket is helpful, but here’s how to DIY a steamer. I will likely throw the eggplant into the steamer too
2. Maybe you already saw this on my Thursday links, but I have ants in my pants to make Ben Mims’ pumpkin bread. He walks us through how to make our own pumpkin puree for the loaf and I think the baby hubbard squash or a red kuri squash will do nicely in place of a sugar pumpkin. It’s topped with salty, spiced, crunchy BREAD CRUMBS, which is a stroke of genius only Ben Mim’s would have. You may remember Ben Mims’ other genius recipe I was deeply obsessed with this Summer: Savory Tomato Clafoutis.
3. The bok choy is already gone, eaten steamed along with some sprouted tofu on top of Smitten Kitchen’s sesame noodles, which I make at least twice a month.
4. IT. IS. CONGEE. SEASON!!!!!!!!!!! I’m gonna stir fry the turnip greens and en choy with toasty garlic and sesame oil to go on top of congee with a soft boiled egg and hot sauce, TKO style.
5. One of my favorite recipes we made while shooting Rob Newton’s brand spankin’ new cookbook, Seeking the South, is turnip and potato pancakes with yogurt, dill and dillybeans. Maybe I’ll photograph it and share the recipe with you in the next couple days! I’ll probably skip the dillybeans, since green beans are now out of season and I still have half a jar of pickled fennel from my steak with brunost sauce dinner.
6. I saved the most generic for last. I happen to have just a little homemade tomato sauce and half a package of store-bought gnocchi lying around in the fridge. For the record, I would like you to know that I did not purchase dried gnocchi. It was here at Eivind’s house when I got here and has been sitting in the pantry ever since. I opened it out of desperation when we got back from Norway and now, here we are. It’s not…the worst thing in the world. I’m not too good to eat it. But I certainly don’t recommend you buy dried gnocchi from Trader Joe’s. ANYWAY, I will be eating it with the tomato sauce, some herbs, and the eggplant pan fried in butter.