Decisions, decisions

Well, you may have noticed already, but I've decided my website should come full circle- I've gone back to old school, fun-to-read-because-it's-sort-of-like-peeping-into-someone's-diary blogging. Remember my blogspot site Nothing but Delicious? That's how my whole career- as a writer, stylist and photographer- started. It's funny to look back and remember how we wrote blogs for fun; we had no idea that personal blogs and Instagram would completely change the nature of advertising and consumerism. 

If you've followed along all this time, you probably know two things about me. One, my diet is 98% carbs and greens and cheese. And two, I turn in my homework late. In this case, I may be too late to get credit, but after eight-ish years of running a personal website, I've decided to monetize it in like, the smallest way possible. Here's the deal: apart from this post, the "Stories" page is sacred ground. No ads or sponsored content here, ever. 

I added my SHOP content on a totally separate page so that you can choose to click on it or not. Most of the items on it are Amazon affiliate links and although I do profit ($1.47 already! #drinksonme) from you buying them through me, they are all things I own, enjoy and am asked about frequently. You'll find super sturdy cookware, all-natural skin care products and compostable household items, along with some of my favorite books about cooking. In a painfully halfhearted attempt at self-promotion and profit, here are 10 of my favorites. 

1. I've lost track of how many of you have DM'ed me about this damn lipstick. It's called Mortar & Pestle and here's the whole ingredient list: organic sunflower oil, iron and titanium oxides, beeswax, organic vitamin e. It stays on crazy well and is the kind of matte, earthy, concentrated brick red that looks surprisingly good on everyone. I don't own a single other shade. 

2. As a human who has made a career centered around her palette, I'm real weird about toothpaste. My favorite one is actually Jarvis Jasmin Mint, but since it's so pricey I usually go with my second favorite: Trader Joe's Fennel Propolis & Myrrh toothpaste. If you don't live near a Trader Joe's or if you dread the chaos of its parking lot, you can order this stuff in bulk online like I do. 

3. More Fat & the Moon goodness! Up until about six years ago I had crazy eczema. Like whole sheets of skin peeling off my face every day eczema. And I'm not saying that Fat & the Moon face oil was the magic cure, but going off of adderall, cutting out processed foods and using a gentle, castile soap-based face wash along with this oil really did eliminate 99.5% of my eczema problems. 

4. Ever recycle a plastic toothbrush? Ever bought a toothbrush that was made of recycled plastic? Yeah, me neither. I read about the Kumar family's shift to sustainability about two years ago and have been cleaning my teeth with their bamboo toothbrushes ever since. Even the packaging is compostable! 

5. Noticing a trend? I currently have the RMS magic luminizer, but my devotion to Fat & the Moon Beam will easily overrule my desire to be part of a fancy old lady cult when that little pot runs dry. 

1. I ordered these little glass spray bottles when I moved to my new place last November and they're one of those things I wonder how I lived without. I mix one part dish soap with two parts white vinegar in one of them and use it to clean everything because it will legit clean anything. Seriously, it removed burned on strawberry jam from my stovetop last week. The other one I fill with water for misting my plants and making pasta. Yeah! If your pasta dough feels dry after you've mixed in all the wet ingredients, the easiest way to incorporate more water is a little bit at a time with a spray bottle. 

2. You're not a proper cook until you own a cast iron skillet. This used to be a real cult-y thing for people with strong wrists and a good understanding of traditional seasoning techniques. But Lodge changed all that in 2002 when they invented the pre-seasoned pan and then again recently with the release of this dual handle pan that is easier to pick up. Cast iron is affordable, indestructible and it adds iron to the food you cook in it. Here is everything you need to know about owning a cast iron skillet. 

3. These guys take a little getting used to. They're stiff at first, but use them for a day or two and they'll become more pliable. It's great that they're 100% natural and compostable, but I started using them because they're extremely porous and never have that mushy, gross sponge feel or that old, rancid sponge smell. If you feel like the texture isn't fine enough to clean something, simply sprinkle them with a spoonful of baking soda. 

4. YES, the Le Creuset dutch oven in dune is much prettier. However, it's also extremely expensive and difficult to find. The Lodge version is about 1/6th of the price and once again, has great handle design, making it easier to pick up. It's one of only four pots I own, alongside the 6.75 quart Le Creuset dutch oven, the 2 quart Le Creuset dutch oven and a small, vintage copper sauce pot. 

5. I know, I know, you're like, WTF do I need a 1/4 cup springed scoop for? But I use mine constantly. It's the right size for cookies, fritters, falafel, small pancakes, croquettes, meatballs, and ice cream. It helps me portion things so that they have an even cook time and consistent look for photos.