A late entry today, after a morning of meetings and correspondence about the future of Pantry Raid! All good news, all to be made public in the new year.

Yesterday I had a late breakfast as well, one centered around my on-going craving for hot sauce. My buddy Jeff Orkin of Greener Roots Farm gave me a jar of homemade hot sauce, which he says is akin to Sriracha, but I say is so superior to Sriracha it shouldn’t be compared. I doused a cheese quesadilla in it before leaving the house.

At midday I found myself at the Nashville Farmers Market, which is where I go to clear my head. A walk through the International Market in the main market house always puts me right. I have learned about many ingredients and have been inspired by the smells, colors and textures of it more times than I can count. Now, there is the added bonus of the Bubble Love stand right in front of it. I ordered a taro bubble tea- not a proper lunch, but satisfying all the same.

I’m hungry again at 4pm and I’m grateful to have a few things prepped for a quick meal. Remember on Sunday I made some ginger/garlic/scallion oil? It’s a bit like this Healthyish recipe. You’ll notice that many of the reviews say the dish is too oily or not ginger-y enough. If there’s one thing I know about ginger, it’s that it takes its sweet time to work it’s magic. I’ve let it sit in oil in the fridge for three days, meaning the oil is now so strongly ginger flavored, I can use less of it. I toss it with mushrooms, some very sad snow peas, and Sun Noodles from the freezer. I had intended to make miso eggs to go on top, but hunger outweighed my patience to cook even a soft boiled egg. So I gave it a dash of togarashi and inhaled it.

There are so few Dream Drops left, I’m rationing them. Dark chocolate dipped peppermint Joe-Joe’s before bed for a change.