Pixel woke me up early and we shared some yogurt, muesli and a banana. I’m not so crazy about bananas, but she ate it with her standard dog enthusiasm and then some.

I’m wanting Persian cucumbers more intensely and more frequently. By mid-morning, I eat them same as yesterday, salted and dipped in hot, hot sauce.

I’m learning to make hand shaped pasta from Linda Miller Nicholson’s excellent book, Pasta, Pretty Please. And I am very sorry to report that I am not a pasta prodigy, though I had expected I would be, given my special touch with other mediums such as pie dough and fondant. No, I have many practices to go before I show you a picture of the pasta I’ve been making. I ate it for lunch and it was terrible. I think the spinach in it had gone ever so slightly bad, I managed to over salt the water and I used too much toasty garlic olive oil. I ate it anyway and spent the afternoon grumpy about it.

Oh, and I’m still sick. My friend Kelli says there’s a special strain of cold going around that comes in three waves, which explains my miraculous recovery and subsequent demise.

Dinner was the exciting part, as promised. I got a Pantry Raid entry a couple weeks back about squash and yogurt and golden raisins and I told the person (I think it was my friend Paige) to roast the squash with warm spices and top it with yogurt, pickled raisins, and cilantro.

Last night I made a grain bowl version of that. I roasted butternut squash, cauliflower and sweet potatoes in olive oil, warm spices and a pinch of brown sugar- hot and fast until they were deeply caramelized. They sat on a bed of farro cooked in homemade chicken stock and topped with my herbed tahini cream and yogurt. To brighten it up a little bit, I also added slivered almonds and golden raisins I soaked overnight in pickled pepper vinegar. NOT. TOO. SHABY. Might even make it again and photograph it to share with you properly.

I believe I have formed a habit well out of my means…I ended the night with two more Dream Drops.