I very rarely get sick, but when I do, I’m a huge baby about it.
Yesterday and again today, I am sick. I had a cold last Wednesday, felt better on Thursday and not bad at all on Friday and Saturday. Is it possible I fully recovered from the first cold and caught an entirely new one on Sunday?

I started the day lazily with the remainder of my tube of pre-cooked polenta, topped with sautéed red bell pepper (I’m not sure where it came from, tbh), caramelized shallots and herbed tahini sauce. Apart from some eggs, yogurt, whole grains, muesli, noodles, and peppermint Joe-Joe’s, there was very little left to work with in the house and I reluctantly went to go buy groceries.

The line to turn into the Trader Joe’s parking lot stretched down Hillsboro Pike and I took it as a sign to finally, after nearly a month of cravings, treat myself to Shake Shack for lunch.

I have to say, I’m partly doing this because I’m nosey. I wish everyone told me everything about what they buy and cook and eat all the time. So, sitting in more traffic to exit the Trader Joe’s parking lot, I decided to share my grocery bill with you: two packs of fizzy water, a butternut squash, two large sweet potatoes, a head of cauliflower, slivered almonds, portabella mushrooms, pecorino, a pound of parsnips, green onions, four large shallots, persian cucumbers, tahini, a pound of meyer lemons, a bag of golden raisins, and a can of artichoke hearts, $49.05. I’d say that will last me through the weekend, with one or two meals eaten out. I’m desperately hoping I’ll feel well enough to go to happy hour at Babo and to have a solstice dinner at Hathorne.

I felt so sick by dinner time, all I wanted was warm liquids. So I heat up another pot of homemade chicken stock, again with a spoonful of miso and sugar snap peas and green onions, but this time I topped it with a little of the ginger oil I made on Sunday and washed it down with a hot toddy. While I ate that, I let some Persian cucumbers sit in salt and when they were good and pickle-y, I ate them dipped straight into very hot hot sauce. I finished the day with a dark chocolate-dipped peppermint Joe-Joe and a Dream Drop, as my Ema always told me that dark chocolate is the cure to anything that ails you.