I’ve spent the latter half of this year feeling like I was waiting for my life to start again and now that I’m back in Nashville, I’m very antsy for the new year and all of its new promises. I decided to jump the gun on my new years resolution: write down what I cook every day.

I thought I’d publish what I cook every day for a little while and see how it goes. You’ll notice that about 80% of the time, what I’m cooking isn’t exactly thrilling, but that I am doing a never-ending game of Pantry Raid with myself basically any time I’m not eating out. Leave me a comment at the bottom with feedback and as always, please be kind but very honest.

So, here’s what I made for myself yesterday.

I woke up so anxious I didn’t think I could leave the house and immediately started prepping food for the week, which is one of the only things in life sure to make me begin to feel at peace. I made a ginger, garlic, shallot and green onion oil, herbed tahini cream with honey, lemon and parsley, and finally, pasta dough.

You may have noticed that there were extra walnuts on the plates of melomakarona that didn’t really stick, but got coated in honey syrup and cinnamon. I started yesterday by scraping them off the plate and eating them on yogurt.

At lunch, I heat up homemade chicken stock with a spoonful of white miso paste, chopped sugar snap peas, roasted mushrooms and lots of green onions. It was nice and light and left me hungry not long after. Do you know about Trader Joe’s Persian cucumbers? They’re my #1 favorite snack at the moment. I especially like them in fast salads topped with crunchy peanuts, like this. But they’re also excellent for dipping in hummus, or in my case yesterday, Alouette everything bagel spreadable cheese I found in Eivind’s fridge.

By 4pm I felt better, not great. Still pretty anxious. Anxious enough to be consumed by the thought of having Shake Shack for dinner and unable to leave the house to go get it. So for dinner, I worked with what I had: a tube of pre-cooked polenta, a can of artichoke hearts and butter. I pan fried slices of polenta in butter, halved the artichokes and crisped them up too, and topped the whole thing with the herbed tahini cream. Paired with the oh, so elegant, Sparkling Coconut Water with Yuzu. It hit the spot and I went back for seconds.

I guess this last bit isn’t really cooking, I just want to brag on my friend Sarah Souther. I ended my night with these things she makes at Bang Candy Co. called Dream Drops. They’re pieces salted dark chocolate studded with popping sugar, laced with a hefty dose of local CBD oil and coated in a bronze shimmer.