Thursday Links 08/15/19

  1. We have 15 days of Design*Sponge left and you don’t even want to know how many times I have cried about it. I have probably cried most vehemently over this tour of my friend Erin Austen Abbott’s Mom’s book-filled house, which is definitely what my future looks like.

  2. I am loving this conversation about art between Nashville icons Maria Silver and Caroline Randall Williams, featuring my cute friend Sebastian the dog in the photos.

  3. I wish someone had given me advice half as good as this post from Sarah Faith Gottesdiener when I started freelancing eight years ago. It’s about why you should NEVER work for free.

  4. Currently listening to: the newest episode of Julia Turshen’s podcast Keep Calm and Cook On, featuring Shakirah Simley. She talks about how “revolution and food have always been intertwined.”

  5. I read about the ICE Raid in Mississippi last week as I was wrapping up Thursday links. We have to talk about the “Defend immigrants who power our food system” posts that have been going around ever since. I know these posts mean well, but their wording is WAY off for two reasons. 1) We defend the rights of immigrants because they are human beings, not because of their economic value in our food system. and 2) The part of our food system that utilizes migrant labor does not deserve to be defended. Places like Koch Foods hire people who are scared of getting deported because they think they won’t whistle blow on terrible working conditions. With that in mind, I'd recommend you read a very thoughtful and thorough book about factory farms/slaughterhouses/processing plants like the one that was raided. It’s called Eating Animals. Since it was published in 2009, one big thing has changed: a small number of independent butchers have purchased their own slaughterhouses so that they can oversee humane working conditions. In Nashville: Porter Road Butcher.

  6. There was a hearing on a new abortion bill in Tennessee this week. I try to remind people over and over again that we all have a shared goal of reducing the number of abortions performed in our country each year. The safe and effective way to do this is through the expansion of comprehensive sex education and access to affordable healthcare/contraceptives. Abortion bans like the one being proposed in my home state do nothing but pose a deep threat to womxn’s health, safety and status in society. Read about what happened at the hearing in this post from my friend and fellow baker Lisa Marie Donovan. I can’t tell you when life does or does not begin. No one can. But I can tell you with complete and total certainty that the lives of many, many living, sentient womxn have been saved by abortion. Don’t forget: the reasons why a womxn has an abortion are 1,000% not your business.

  7. Currently reading: this piece about Slutty Vegan in The Bitter Southerner.

  8. I am very much looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of GBBO* winner John Whaite’s new cookbook, A Flash in the Pan.

    *GBBO would be one of the best shows on TV if it weren’t for Paul Hollywood. He’s creepy, y’all.

Image used with permission from   Erin Austen Abbott  . Click the photo to see more book-filled goodness in her Mom’s home on Design*Sponge.

Image used with permission from Erin Austen Abbott. Click the photo to see more book-filled goodness in her Mom’s home on Design*Sponge.