Thursday Links 10/10

  1. YOU GUYS!!!! My friend Vivek’s restaurant Tailor Nashville is number seven in Bon Appetit’s Hot Ten, a list of the best new restaurants in the whole dang country. WHAT!!! But also, not surprised in the slightest. Partially because Vivek is a genius and his sous chef Allie rules harder than anyone I’ve ever met, and partially because a couple months ago I happened to run into Vivek one day when he was ohhh, just casually hanging out with Carla Lalli Music. I knew something wonderful was up!

  2. Nor am I surprised that Hathorne was a top 50 nominee for the Hot Ten. The chef and owner John Stephenson is none other than the human who made Fido what it is. And what it was when I moved here in 2009 was one of maybe four restaurants making delicious, consistent, creative yet comforting food with local ingredients. John was the first chef I ever interviewed and photographed and I’ll never forget how patient and gracious he was with me, a 23 year old ball of anxiety trying not to flash my strobe into diner’s faces while bouncing light onto his face.

  3. If you’ve ever wondered how I came to be an expert in cooking with odds & ends the answer is this: practice, necessity, and the book An Everlasting Meal: Cooking with Economy & Grace by Tamar Adler. She has a new podcast called Food Actually which launches on Luminary 11/01. SIGN ME UP.

  4. You do not want to miss Lou Nashville’s amazing bakesale benefitting Thistle Farms on October 20 from 12-3! See the photo below for the full list of bakers. I’m not kidding around when I tell you to get there early. Like 11:30am minimum. The last bakesale like this at Dozen sold out like lightening fast. I am specifically looking forward to buying anything/everything Wildlove Bakehouse brings and cookies from my gal Rebeka Turshen!

  5. Tickets are still available to Nashville's New American Festival on 10/17. It will feature art, food, and performances that highlight the many ways immigrants have revolutionized Nashville’s food and arts culture. A TWENTY FIVE DOLLAR TICKET will to this event includes food from local chefs like my sweet Louisa Shafia, two drink tickets, live music and lots of fun! The event is put on by TIRRC (just like the InterNASHional Food Crawl) so you knooooow it’s gonna be good.

  6. This article from Heated Magazine called “We’ve Sold the Definition of Food” was fucking CHILLING. “Kraft-Heinz was the subject of much investment news earlier this year when it announced record losses. Hidden in the hullabaloo, though, is a far more chilling story about the American relationship to food as a for-profit industry: We’ve accepted the fable of Heinz as a classic U.S. brand and allowed corporations and profitability to redefine what is considered food. When companies rise and fall, they irrevocably change what we have access to. What does it say about us that a quintessential American brand has ceased investment in feeding people, and instead creates Cadbury cream-flavored mayonnaise?”

  7. Pretzel Linzers with salted caramel from Smitten Kitchen Everyday. That is all.

  8. Not that I give a single shit about what Food Network Magazine has to say ever, but they said one really smart thing this past week: The Green Pheasant is Tennessee’s Most Instagrammable restaurant. I know, I know, downtown is scary, but TGP will partially validate your parking in the 222 building and once you’re inside, it’s an oasis of culture in the middle of the downtown desert. My darling Katie Vance designed the space which is fully of velvety texture and dark, rich color. Local artists New Hat designed and constructed the origami-esque structures that hang from the ceiling and the toilets? They have heated seats. If I haven’t convinced you yet, let me say this: spicy crab noodles.

  9. Speaking of my dearest friends, The Grilled Cheeserie is now open in Hunter’s Station on the East side! My order: buttermilk cheddar and pickles on country white sourdough, Greek beets salad, tots with tot sauce, vegan coconut shake.