1 Year of Pantry Raid + 12th South Food & Arts Festival

Can you believe we have been playing Pantry Raid together for almost an entire year? In mid September, we we will have been making more food and less waste with what we already have on hand every Monday for 52 weeks straight. Let’s celebrate, shall we?


On September 17 at the 12th South Farmers Market Food and Arts Festival, I will be hosting a round of Pantry Raid LIVE! Several local chefs will be doing cooking demos using only what they have lying around in their home kitchens and ingredients from the market. I’m the MC and I’ll be sharing the chefs’ ingredients, cooking tips/tricks, and final dishes via social media. If you’re not in Nashville or can’t make it to the market, follow along at @12southfarmersmarket . If you are at the market and want to make one of the dishes from the demos, you’ll find them all on my website after the event.