Pantry Raid is a podcast about how to make more food and less waste one ingredient at a time and often without a strict recipe.

Most episodes are about a single ingredient- why it works in certain dishes, warnings about how not to use it, and ideas for how to cook with it alongside other ingredients you like and feel comfortable using.

A few very special episodes are about a single problem and how to solve it, like how to cook for Thanksgiving, how to use up Thanksgiving leftovers, or what to do when you find yourself with way too much of one thing.

Season one features special guests Jess Benefield of Two Ten Jack, Kathleen Cotter of The Bloomy Rind, Bryan Lee Weaver of Butcher & Bee, Louisa Shafia author of The New Persian Kitchen, Sarah Gavigan of Otaku Ramen, and Bianca Morton of The Nashville Food Project.

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Your patronage covers the cost of ingredients for recipe testing, graphic design and the work of my amazing producer, Tony Gonzalez.

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