CSA week 6 overview

These baskets y’all. They get bigger and bigger, more and more beautiful. This week we’re entering that stage of summer that is just full-on bounty, all the time, in your face. No complaints here, but much cooking to be done.


In the basket:
Siberian frills kale
savoy cabbage
golden beets with greens
lemon cucumbers
variety of summer squash
sunflower sprouts

The plan:
1. Kale & beet green pesto- either for pizzas or the freezer or maybe both. Time will tell.
2. Confit leeks to swirl around in spaghetti and top with crispy breadcrumbs and chives!
3. Cucumber, nasturtium, sprouts and chives salad on top of a very generous serving of homemade ricotta, drizzled with reserved leek oil and scooped up with hunks of bread
4. Grilled chicken thighs with grilled wedge salads topped with homemade ranch and quick pickled squash
5. Lettuce salad with mole vinaigrette, roasted beets, toasted sesame seeds and green onions // served with creamy scrambled eggs

CSA week 5 overview

Week five here in TN is when we start getting into the extra, extra good stuff like squash and cucumbers, with the promise of tomatoes and okra soon to come.


In the basket:
hot sprouts
garlic chives
zephyr squash

The plan:
1. This delicious, delicious fish saucy cucumber salad with roast chicken thighs. You’ll want rice or a big hunk of bread to sop up the extra vinegar. Skip the chiles if you can’t find them or you don’t like spicy food. It will still turn out great.
2. I have a little bit of homemade mayo left from last week, so I’m going to make this creamy dressing from Sweet Paul Magazine and essentially make the same salad, but with kale instead of broccoli. Topped with Short Mountain Cultures black eyed pea tempeh.
3. I also have falafel batter leftover from last week, so I’m going to put them into VERY CUTE little radicchio cups with the hot sprouts and some radish tzatziki.
4. The leeks, squash and cabbage are all going into a huge stir fry with garlic and ginger, served over farro cooked in chicken stock from my freezer.
5. I want to be really honest with you: I didn’t store the garlic chives properly and they died and went to the compost pile.

CSA Week 4 overview

So sorry this post is going up a little late! You know how when you move into a new place you’re so content with it’s newness that you don’t feel obligated to decorate and then all of a sudden it’s Springtime and your friends are coming over for dinner and you feel like you have to make every room in your house and also your yard look like a photo from a magazine? YEAH, that’s kind of how my week went. But I’m grateful for all of it- for a place to call home and the process of expressing myself through monochrome apricot paint, lamb head planters and deep green velvet fabric. Now let’s talk about some vegetables.


I ended up taking two peck shares this week, which was great because I had quite a few people over for a housewarming party and we ended up making more than one pizza per person. Actually, Eivind made so much pizza dough that we’ll still be eating pizza by the time I pick up my next share! If that’s not winning I don’t know what is.


In the baskets:
garlic scapes

The plan:
1. Miso congee with stir fried sesame cabbage and boiled eggs
2. Falafel with roasted turnips blended into the dough and radish tzatziki
3. Tartines with vegan cream cheese, sprouts and radishes
4. Kale salad with tahini dressing, almonds and cherries- maybe some Short Mountain Cultures tempeh too!
5. A whole pitcher of Moroccan mint tea!!!!!! On my new patio!!!!!
6. Many pizzas: one with garlic scapes and red sauce, one with kale and almond pesto, one topped with a Greek-ish salad + lettuce, pickled radishes and carrots from last week, pepperoncini, olives and feta, AND one topped with red sauce + the collards braised with beef bacon. For more details about how I make pizza, red sauce, or prep for a big pizza party join the private community page of my website! Click here to learn how.

Carrot Leaf Chimichurri Marinated Feta Salad

If you’re always wondering what to do with the tops of beautiful bunches of carrots from the farmer’s market, this is a recipe for you. You can make the chimichurri or marinate the feta in it up to two days in advance, but know that the longer it sits, the less verdant it will look.


Carrot Leaf Chimichurri Marinated Feta Salad
-serves four as a side dish

1 cup finely chopped carrot leaves
2T finely chopped mint
one small shallot or one garlic scape, finely chopped
2T finely chopped preserved lemon, capers or castelventrano olives
2-3T red wine vinegar
about 1/2 cup good olive oil
a 5 to 6 ounce block sheep’s milk feta, chopped into 1/2” cubes

To serve: one very large or two small to medium heads lettuce, 1 pound roasted little yellow potatoes

1. Mix the first five ingredients together, then stream in olive oil until the chimichurri has a consistency and flavor that pleases you. Add feta.
2. Let feta marinated while you roast the potatoes and prepare the lettuce.
3. Take potatoes straight out of the oven and put them into the bowl with the feta. Toss. Let cool 5 minutes.
4. Place lettuce in a large bowl and top it with feta/potato mixture. The lettuce will dress itself as you serve.